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We all know that relationships are tough, but do you know what is a relationship? The relationship is a relation between two or more people whether being a family, sexual partners or friends. Emotions are involved in the relationships like love, pain, hurt, sorrow, anger, hatred, frustration, despair and much more. They are the central part of all the close relationships. We do have a serious relationship, Intimate relationship, toxic relationship, parental relationship, etc. But here I will be only talking about the good and bad relationship as well as what to have in a relationship.

What is a Good Relationship?

People do wonder about having a good relationship with people whenever they get into a relationship. But if you wonder what is a good relationship, then here is the answer what I actually think about. You cannot just find a good relationship because it has to be created. Be it with lovers or family and friends, our life revolves around love because we need it to live happier and feel better. A good relationship gives us the warmth and bliss which we actually crave for.

A good relationship is a beautiful life experience which is easy to find and overlook. A relationship which has willing and happy efforts from two people with a blossoming effect every day is a good relationship. A good relationship is the one which has a true partnership with two people together and built on the solid foundation of friendship. I will be talking more about a good relationship, signs, how to make it a great one and much more in one of my upcoming articles.

What is a Bad Relationship?

When something isn’t right or nothing goes well, then we people tend to feel it. Most of us tend to justify and rationalize our gut feelings to stay back in a relationship. And the reason is our time, energy and emotions which we have invested in maintaining a relationship for a long time. These are the defense mechanisms which actually come from our fear. But these mechanisms only delay the truth and we have to accept the reality one or the other day.

I will be talking more about the bad relationship, warning signs, and steps to be taken and much more in one of my upcoming articles. But here I will be talking about what is a bad relationship. Though bad relationships in movies seem to be romantic and funny, but in reality, they create havoc in our lives. There is no perfect answer, but I feel that a bad relationship is the one where you start feeling uneasy or little queasy around your partner and always keeps on fighting despite ruling out the misunderstandings.

When both the partners don’t turn up for an emotional support to each other and feel there isn’t anything right, that is the right moment to move out of your bad relationship. If you really don’t want to set yourself for future heartache, then just move out of your toxic relationship. I know that it isn’t that easy, but the sooner you accept the truth, more quickly you will decide about your future.

What to have in a relationship?

It is truly a loving gesture when you want your relationship to thrive and give it a positive energy. Every relationship needs to be nurtured because they are tough and they cannot survive on their own. The nurturing and care of two adults for each other giving them a space to live their life actually helps in creating a beneficial connection. If you would ask me what to have in a healthy relationship, then I would say:

  • honest, kind and constant communication
  • willing to work for each other, with each other through the disagreements and difficulties
  • some fun and a sense of humor with a bit of distraction from a busy life
  • sharing everything about your life with the partner
  • compliments, emotional support, and validation
  • love, intimacy, romance and sex
  • sharing dreams and goals which resonate well
  • forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance
  • and much more.

Just like we need air to survive, even your relationship needs to be nurtured with love and care for its survival. This is how to keep a good relationship.

You people might think that I have talked about everything in brief here but just have little patience guys because I will be coming up with more such articles on WordsMeltPriya soon where I will be discussing the relationships by digging deep into them.

According to you all, what is a relationship? What you people think about the good and bad relationship? What you people think is must have in a relationship? You can share your views in the comments section below.

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