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The most important life skill which we can learn is the effective communication, but still, we don’t put in our best efforts into the same. No matter for which purpose you need to have better communication skills, whether to have better useful ideas or in conversation with people in your social life, here I am with some of the best as well as essential tips on how to improve communication skills efficiently. The most important productivity tool is to be a good communicator which we often neglect in our lives.

None of us is a perfect communicator. Throughout our lives, we keep on learning and developing new patterns and things. Some of our habits create challenges for us while some are helpful when we work with other people. We never really intend to overcast our thoughts and objectives or never make others feel like we didn’t hear them. In most of the cases, these are those little habits which get well into a high accountability and teamwork.

The basic purpose of communication skills is to spread your word across the audience uniquely as well as apparently. It needs effort from the sender, and the receiver and only makes a productive conversation when both the sender and receiver understand each other’s thoughts. Improving your communication skills might sound enough natural and straightforward, but we often do get lost in the translations. Moving forward with the tips on how to improve your communication skills, let’s have a look.

If you have excellent communication skills, then you are most likely to have more opportunities than those who don’t communicate well. However, it takes sufficient time and efforts. But yes, you can improve your communication skills. So, today, I will be talking about how to improve communication skills and these tips will help you in becoming a better speaker and a listener.

How to Improve Communication Skills

Do you know that learning about how having an effective communication with other people with right vocabulary can help in your success? YES! Right vocabulary with good communication skills can help you in breaking your growth in the marketplace. If you don’t have a good vocabulary and want to improve it, then you can check my previous written article about tips to improve your vocabulary. Moving forward, let’s now talk about how to improve communication skills.

Have One Conversation

Though multitasking is good for some, none of us want to have divided attention because sometimes we miss some important details while talking about too many things at a time. Just do give another person focused time and make them feel worthy and important. And also, you will have shorter conversations.

Make an Eye-Contact

Personally, I feel to have a focus on the lips while having a conversation in a noisy environment. And it is just because I felt too shy while making an eye-contact. But in the last few years, I have worked for myself, and now I can make a stronger connection with people by making an eye-contact. Though looking into eyes make you feel odd and a bit awkward, but it conveys honor and truth. It helps in making stronger connections and finding that it is easy to read emotions.

Asking Two Questions

The conversations must be based on a purpose of gaining clarity and transferring information. Avoid blurting out the facts and orders because it won’t be helpful in moving the information or gaining clarity. So, to have a meaningful conversation just make it a point to have relevant and provocative questions to ask before your conversation ends. In this way, both the parties will feel engaged and will be able to think about the matter which has been talked about.

Learn to Listen

The very first thing to improve your communication skills is to listen to the other person carefully and attentively. Don’t interrupt the other person and try to connect the words elegantly through the conversation along with listening. You just don’t only have to hear the phrase, but also how they are spoken.

Write Things Down

Avoid keeping all the stuff in your head. Why have so much pride? Just use your brain for progressive and creative thinking, not for your to-do list. We have some tools which we can use to write things down. You can use Evernote, or you can text or send a follow-up email, or you can simply use a pen and paper. Just to avoid having the same conversation again, you can record takeaways. But, if you want to remember everything better, then the best way is to write using pen and paper.

Develop Empathy

Empathy helps us in understanding even the unspoken parts of the communication in a better way and helps us in responding in a more efficient way. Conversation is a two-way road, where two people need to get involved with each other and practice each other’s viewpoint to have a better communication.

Brief and Specific

You need to keep yourself short and precise with people while conversing with them. It is one of the best policies to follow for verbal communication. We have 7C’s of conversation which includes Clear and Concise along with coherent, courteous, concrete, complete and correct.

Put your Devices away

You just be focused on what the other person is telling you and talking about. It is an obvious thing to put your devices away while having a conversation. Just let your calls, pings, and vibrations pass. When you resonate, your emotional tone, body language, and words will help them knowing what you are taking in your mind. Try to have only one conversation because people don’t entertain the divided attention. Make the other person feel important and give them sufficient focused time.


By storytelling, I don’t mean to start sharing a story of a new novel by your favorite author. But, using ‘but’ in between your conversation which will help you more in structuring the narrative. We all do have a story within us which assist in activating our brains and makes us more persuasive.

Try using a script for small talk

Mastering in having a small valuable talk is not a cup of tea for all. If you want to overcome those awkward silences from your partner, then we have a small and tricky plan, Family Occupation Recreation Dreams. It is one of the easiest methods which can help you in coming up with a few topics to discuss with other people.

Avoid using unnecessary fillers in your conversation

While having a conversation, you need to be more persuasive and confident. Your hm’s, ah’s and um’s help the least in your everyday conversations. So, cut these phrases out and keep track about the same too. Also, you can relax and pause for a moment before replying to the person. But, being silent throughout the conversation will make others feel awkward.

Look out at your Body Language

Saying not a single word during a conversation also means that you are involved in a constant conversation. You need to adopt a power pose if you want to boost yourself up with confidence. Also, you need to think less about your toes, a strange way to adjust yourself in better communication. Try to read out other’s body language which will help you in responding to them appropriately.

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WMP Factor

When we start learning how to speak and keep moving forward listening to grammar rules and taking public speaking classes, we usually don’t think about the communication skills. But having excellent communication skills will help you in knowing that how you can talk to people in an efficient manner and how it makes a difference in your interpersonal relationships. If you feel that you are not able to delineate your emotions or having minor issues with other people, then it is the time to improve your communication skills. So to navigate your life in a smooth manner, it is important to know how to express your feelings to others without making them feel upset or attacked.

This is how to improve communications skills effectively. You just need to invest your time and efforts to be good with your communication skills. If you want to add something to this article or you want to ask anything, then you can leave your comments below, or you can even contact directly.

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