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Learning is an on-going process; there is no end to it. The time you’ll think that you know everything, it will be proved wrong by something you don’t know. This thing also implies with the vocabulary of a person. If the vocabulary of a person is weak, then there are very high chances that his or her communication skills (verbal or written) won’t be exquisite. If you want to know how to improve your vocabulary, then you will end up not only with some decent words in your writing and speech but with an open mind approach towards learning new and different things.

Whatever I will be talking about here in this article, you can use it for communicating concisely and clearly with people. Apart from it, you will be able to learn new vocabulary. So, if you have ever asked yourself how to improve my vocabulary or how to make your vocabulary strong, then the primary key is learning new words. But what is the need to acquire new words and use them? It will help you in communicating and understanding people in an easy way and even it helps in to increase the perception of yourself.

If you want to know how to improve your vocabulary, then the first thing to know is that it needs your commitment. Jotting down the new words won’t help you in improving your vocabulary. There are few techniques and tips which you need to follow. It is must to dedicate yourself to research as well as to broaden and strengthen your vocabulary. While working on how to improve your vocabulary, the first thing you need to know is your goals to choose the best way to improve your vocabulary.

How to improve your vocabulary

Make Reading a Habit

Learning new things always help in improving vocabulary. In the initial reading may be boring but as you’ll progress reading will become an addiction, and you’ll start enjoying it. When you read new things, then a lot of new words will also cross your way so just don’t overpass them, instead try to grab those words. You will get more exposure to new words if you read more especially newspapers, novels, magazines and literary works. While reading, you will be able to uncover the new words and your vocabulary list will automatically get build up. Using the context of the sentence, just try to derive the meaning of the word and look up in the dictionary as well. Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary.

Use a Dictionary and Thesaurus

Reading dictionary helps a lot when you want to improve your vocabulary. Find a dictionary in which there are a lot of words with decent meaning and explanation of the words. Read the words which you don’t know and try to remember them or write those on small pieces of paper with meaning. And then, you can paste at different places of your home so that wherever you go in your home. In this way, you can always recall a word which you learned. This way you can memorize words for long. While using a dictionary, you must even use a thesaurus to look out for similar words which means the same.

Going Back to the Roots

Now, you must be thinking that what I am going to talk about here. RELAX. If you want to learn new words and decipher the meaning of the new words, then the best way is to study the Greek and Latin roots. The Greek and Latin elements hold the significant part of the English language and even considered to be a great tool for learning new English words. So, whenever a question pops up in your mind asking how to improve your vocabulary, just go back to the roots.

Start Writing

When you learn something, then there are chances that you might forget that if you won’t use it shortly. But when you write, you memorize things for long. So start writing and use the words which you have learned in the process of “improving vocabulary.” Try to use the words in your writings which will help you memorize the word as well as its meaning. It will also increase your confidence level to use new words.

What to Write

You can write anything, from a daily diary entry to blog post. For regular writing, we would suggest you start a blog, where you can write articles of your interest and try to write as much impressive English as possible. You don’t have to flood your articles with difficult words (that can have a negative impact), but try to leave simple English behind and write like a professional.

Read high literature

Try to challenge yourself with high-end English books and article whether online or in the newspaper. If you want to improve your vocabulary, then give all your leisure time reading and grabbing as much as you can. You can read through anything like online, books, magazines, newspaper or maybe something else also that you find readable.

Start learning new words

Make a habit of reading and try to read all the words which come in between without skipping the difficult words. Even start marking words for which you don’t know the meaning and then find the meaning of those. Once you know the meaning try to memorize those, for this you can make a notebook where you can write the new words with meanings and go through that at least once a day.

Set goals

When I say to read as much as you can, that doesn’t mean that you have to devote all time to learning from the first day. Make goals to read an article per day or a book per week. Even set a goal that you’ll try to learn at least one or two words per day and as you’ll start getting those words, then you can increase your goal to 5 or 10 words per day.

Play word making games

Puzzles and games like Scrabble, crosswords help a lot in increasing word list in one’s mind. At the start, these games may feel dull as you won’t be having a lot of words to form, but as your vocabulary will increase these games will catch your interest, and you’ll start making new words with the help of these games which you wouldn’t have noticed usually.

Communicate in English

Whenever you are into any conversation, always try to communicate in English. It will help build your confidence as well as it will also give you a chance to flaunt your improved vocabulary. But most importantly, this will give you an opportunity to notice which words other use when they talk in English. It will help you compare your level of English with others, and according to that, you can set your next goals.

Try to maintain your Confidence

The last but the most important among all the points above is this last point. I have mentioned this point in last so that you read it last and it should remain fresh in your mind. When you start to improve your vocabulary, there will be many situations when you’ll feel that its impossible. At that point, you have to maintain your mental balance and keep on doing what you are doing. There is nothing in this world which goes waste; everything pays off at some point or other.

WMP Factor

You are the ONE who holds the key to a better vocabulary. The things which I have mentioned and outlined here are the best ones to consider for improving your vocabulary. These are the best ways for discovering the new words and learning to use them in your daily conversation. These tips will help you in strengthening your vocabulary. So, as important it is to learn words, same importance is by using those. You’ll also have to do a repeated practice of grabbing old words so that you won’t forget the old ones when you learn the new words.

In my last article, I talked about why to study. Like studying is crucial for facing challenges and solve the general problems of our life, likewise, improving your vocabulary instills you with confidence. Now, if anyone would ask you, how to improve your vocabulary, then you can share these tips with them. And don’t forget to practice speaking and to write to learn new words because you won’t be able to retain them.

If you want to add something to this article or you want to ask anything, then you can leave your comments below, or you can even contact directly.

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